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Signature Interior Demolition, Inc. is a full service demolition contractor based in New York.

It is a product of over 20 years of in-depth experience in the industry. Our employees have used their insight and experience to create a demolition company that consistently meets and exceeds industry standards. Our top priority on each project is safety first, without quality, cost or schedule being compromised. We are proud to be able to provide service relevant to the knowledge that we have absorbed through the years.

Signature Interior Demolition revolves around a mentality and system based on customer satisfaction, reliability, and efficiency. We are firmly dedicated to our philosophy and feel it is necessary for achieving success by providing you with success. We are up to date with our equipment and technology and are properly staffed to allow us to provide our excellent service. We take pride in completing projects on time to your satisfaction and within budget.

We are conveniently located in the heart of Long Island City, only 5 minutes away from mid-town Manhattan. We are available to work all over New York’s 5 boroughs, Westchester, Long island and New Jersey.

Our goal ultimately is to revolutionize the Demolition Industry through providing reliable, efficient, and professional service that you can depend on. It is vital to us that you receive the service that you deserve and which is necessary for you to attain your goals and maximize your company’s success and profitability.

We are fully aware of our duty to provide the service you need to get your job done and we take pride in doing so. We strive for excellence and refuse to settle for anything less. We understand that you have plenty on your plate and are honored of being capable of relieving you from stress and worries as much as possible and a little extra. We respect our customers; therefore we reassure you that our word is golden. Any job accepted by Signature Interior Demolition can be considered completed on time, worry-free and to your satisfaction.


Safety is a significant factor in this industry and a topic that Signature Interior Demolition takes very seriously. We abide by all the necessary safety guidelines, rules, and refuse to compromise when regarding this matter.

We take pride in possessing a flawless safety record and have decided to continue in doing so. Signature Interior Demolition is aware that sufficient safety on our job sites is not only critical to the welfare of our labors, but also plays a crucial role in successfully completing our client’s project.

Following the correct safety precautions help prevent problematic situations from occurring. These unwanted situations would result in downtime and prohibit our company to carry out the job prosperously. Signature Interior demolition believes that to be successful you need to be efficient, and in this industry a company is not working efficiently if it is not working safely.

Signature Interior Demolition is currently licensed to work in New York providing both demolition and carting services.

Management Team
Joe Pirreca President [email protected]
Angelo Mannino Truck Division [email protected]
Phil Troia Field Division [email protected]
Alex Pirreca Estimating Department [email protected]
John Troia Estimating Department [email protected]
Maria Scimone Office Manager [email protected]
Beatrice Jones Office Administrator [email protected]
Laura Morón Permits and Billing [email protected]
We Handle LEED Projects and Paper Work

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